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India’s No.1 PCD Company


Dolvis Bio Pharma Pvt. Ltd is a fast-growing ISO-certified company that has supplied health products in this industry since 2008. We have a vast network across India supplying various pharmaceutical products to government, semi-government and other institutional organisations. We deal in PCD and Third party manufacturing services. That is why we are the best PCD pharma Company in India. The company strength lies in its technical background, Market knowledge and a quality strong fundamental team with a strong vision.

As a leading pharmaceutical company, Dolvis Bio Pharma gives you opportunities to start your career by providing PCD franchises which will help you to grow your business.

Benefits of choosing PCD:

The PCD business is all about franchise business deals. Which means dealing with marketing and distributing rights for the products by the parent pharma company. The word PCD stands for Propaganda Cum Distribution. However, in pharma, the meaning of PCD has changed. It stands for (Pharmaceutical Company Dealership). It works on the principle of a franchise model in the medical industry. 

In other words, a pharma company can sell and distribute rights for a particular product range to another business. The local dealer or the enterprise holder will market the franchise-branded medicines to his targeted audience.

The Indian pharmaceutical market has seen a huge growth. After the US, India nine out of 10 prescription drugs are produced in  India. The government of India is also responsible for a substantial portion of these drugs; India is putting a lot of effort into advancing the development and giving high-quality drugs to the world.

At Dolvis Bio Pharma Pvt. Ltd., we have a unique team of professionals who are dedicated to their work and are committed to building this exclusive collection. Also, the exceptional quality of our products provides us with all the ISO and GMP ( International Organization for Standardization and Good Manufacturing Practice) Certifications. This certification tells the product’s quality and authenticity. That makes us the best pharmaceutical company. 

About our products:

Well, at Dolvis, we have a vast range of products starting from Tablets, Capsules,Drops,Dry- syrups,Injection,Oil and lotion and many more. These products are very helpful and give your body proper nutritions which is essential for your body. 

For instance:- We have a ZYMDOL it is an ayurvedic Digestive Tonic. Which is used to treat Indigestion,Gas,Hyperactivity, Bloating, Stomach  Cramps and a variety of the other Digestive issues. It also raises the Body’s Appetite and keeps the boy’s metabolic activity in check.

This is just one product like this. We have a variety of products which are good for your health.

Apart from this, we are also best in:

Logistic Management: 

In the Pharma franchise business, the whole thing depends on the delivery. At Dolvis BioPharma, we ensure that you’ll get the product on time. We have the best distribution network and can deliver your product on time. We ensure that our product delivers on time without facing any problem.

Research of new products:

In the Pharma industry, we are always looking for new technologies. At Dolvis, we have a professional research and development team (R&D) team that is always trying new formulations, technologies, and drug delivery systems. Also, focusing on R&D allows us to develop high-quality products that the market needs.

Trust of the Partners:

At Dolvis, quality is not just commitment, but it’s in our roots, and it is our tradition. We make sure that we pack our best quality products to partners, which helps them to make customers more satisfied. That makes us more reliable for your clients.

Towards the end:

Now you get it about Dolvis Bio Pharma Pvt. Ltd. We are not just a company but we are providing good quality products to the healthcare industry. That’s why we are the best PCD pharma Company in India. With our quality standards and wide range of transportation we achieve this title in a short period of time.

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